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Alfred’s was 100% our advocate in helping us find our dream home. He was extremely patient as honed in on exactly what we truly wanted by viewing homes for sale for around 2 years. We negotiated on several before the final and perfect home. Alfred was never pushy or frustrated, and in fact kept us focused on the con’s as well as the pro’s on the homes we had considered. We appreciated that he was not just looking to close, rather, he was focused on making sure we found exactly what we wanted.

We bought our new home before listing our existing house in a very tenuous market. It could have been extremely stressful, however, Alfred, carefully priced our home, and marketed it intensely and appropriately. He managed to find the right buyer in three weeks! His professionalism in negotiating and keeping emotions in check on both sides of the table was tremendous. We couldn’t have asked for a better representative.

Alfred has a heart of gold and is nothing short of an “Angel” keeping our best interest in mind all the time. He was so fantastic that we recommended him to our DAD. Alfred performed his magic yet again for him, and I know he will for you.